New Game Mode Idea: Merchants / Bandits

merc23 3 years ago 0

A Merchant appears randomly on the map, marked on the minimap, and he asks to deliver a package to another spot on map. If the player is able to make the delivery he gets a certain number of coins based on difficulty or distance. Another player can choose to intercept and raid the player trying to make the delivery, if he succeeds he can steal the package and get the coins instead. Only the player with the package knows where the delivery spot is, but if he has the package his team turns blue on the minimap where everyone can see where he is.

Since it's pretty easy to runaway from other players, maybe we can make it so that the player with the package moves slower? Consequently, to stop bandit players from raiding too much, they will also move slower after a successful raid for a certain amount of time. Obviously this idea still needs some polishing, but I've seen something like it before in a different game so it has potential.