Stop “raiding” neutral or “helpful” comments or posts.

Ruby Rose 3 years ago updated by Grant Mitchell 3 years ago 5

I’ve noticed that some people including me and Vigilante Gaming were “raided” with unnecessary downvotes on our “neutral” and “somewhat helpful” comments or posts. 

Whether you are just doing this to climb up the leaderboard or trolling, stop this. This screws up the forums and most of us.


I down voted 3 of vigilante's comments because they were neither "neutral" or "helpful". 

"The game is in beta development, please save all ideas until the game and it's glitches have been fixed." is nowhere NEAR helpful and is placed in mostly the wrong topics. its nothing better than spam, and I think its been made pretty clear that thats not what the forum users want as supposed "moderating".

I did too, just because I disagree with that post. Like, this is where you can post bug AND ideas, why should it now be a problem that someone is posting a idea...


cant you just make a topic so ppl know not to post such fings instead of playing a bot like vigilante?

it's probably someone who hates you and vigilante