Changing Unit Class

Grant Mitchell 3 years ago updated by fuzzy_logic 7 months ago 13

So...I wanted to get a archer clan (5 archers, a sythe) but I found that one of the hardiest parts was killing off my guys that were not part of my build (such as axe men) to replace them with archers, without killing my entire team. Maybe make it so that you can change there class? I don't know...

Although I like this idea, I can't help but think. What if someone changes their class to all swords in the middle of a battle? In my opinion that would be kinda op. Same thing with everything else: all axes to cut down trees, all archers for killing rabbits, etc.

6*5=30 gold coins!!! find me one person who can afford this.

Well, it would cost a LOT of wood ...

that's part of the gameplay. In fact killing lumberjack is not that hard. Killing hunter is. because they dont involved in melee fight, they die latest

Maybe make it so that you could remove them from your clan for a small amount of resources?

To kill lumberjack and miner: don't build knight and don't heal. They will die after a few battle.

To kill hunter and dagger. Kill your melee first. And then kill your hunter. Before your last hunter die, add a minion without adding any weapon. Hunter will die and you have freshman now. 

To use the skill "stay in"     ,it will not waste any minion :) ,also there a glitch ,the stay minion will sometime move...msut be a bug


Agree with this, but add it so that you can't change when fighting. Or maybe make a shop where you can retrain your minions. But I also agree to make it 5 resources (coins or wood depending on class) so ppl just don't abuse the ability.

Yeah, there should be a building that would let you change one minion to another.

mashrooms kill your minnions with deadly and posinous mushrooms