New way for hire tribe members / New mechanics

Egzekutor 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 2

Hello, as everyone who was playing in wanderers.io know, you can hire new tribe members, just catching them from small tab and leaving on the battlefield. I want show you in this topic another way, how we can hire new tribe members.

My idea is to create on the map special guild/building where players can hire new people to the tribe. It will be kind of safe spot where players can't fight, because some players can start camping next to such building and kill everyone fresh tribe which need members.

 But because this can take away one job which have player as "God", another idea is add option for pay in such building with wood just dropping it at this. We can also use it for burn campfires and maybe in future for building structures, just dropping items to it. With this mechanic our godly hand have more to do ;3

We can take resources which we have, simply moving them from counters on top. For make it more intuitive, this should looks like buttons.

Leave your feedback and say what do you think about this ideas. Soon more interesting ideas here ;]

Regards, Egzekutor


I like the idea and in great favor of it, but bugs should be a number one priority as of now.

Of course they are. But because this is fresh state of game, such major changes should be done early.