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Planting resource

DUDU 3 years ago updated by San Bonaire 3 years ago 7

We have farmer which does not do anything related to farming. It will be great to have planting system. Let's say you can get more foods by planting seeds in 30 seconds, and must defend them before you can harvest them all. 

Fishing will also create thrill in the game and allow beginner player to farm food against pro player.

Well his adding walls...maybe like a farmhouse that will produce food over time?

Under review

Yes this is planed - because with castle update I want to shift towards co-op resource management game.

What do you mean by co op? Like, making it more about working with with your teammates?

Like walls are too expensive that you can afford them alone :D

You mean like, just super duper costly like, costing 30 wood, or costing more than the resource max like 50

Fishing sounds like a great idea.