Shop location should be more randomized

DUDU 3 years ago updated by merc23 3 years ago 6

It wil be more challenging to find the shop. Right now we can always guess that food shop will always the north and lumber mill south. 


Will I mean, that kind of makes sense. If it was randomized, then you would just have to wander around not really doing anything looking for the shop. Plus, that makes like,no sense. What if you buy something at a shop, leave, and then you come back 2 mins later and the shop is gone...

Or you can just zoom out to see the entire map and locate the shop in a few seconds

Xerth I guess if you have like, one tribe member

They are displayed on a map so even if they're randomized they can still be found easily.

They are? What do they look like on the map?

random location each day, but stays the same for that day.