Random portal

DUDU 3 years ago updated by merc23 3 years ago 3

Sometime pro player bully the beginner. There is time i need to run 1 hours without stopping, and they keep chasing. We should add some portal in the middle that warp you to random spot in the map.  

DUDU, if your having trouble, try to have only 4 or 5 tribe members so that you can out run most people how have 6 members. I also think the portal is a good idea, but I think it should appear randomly around the map, not just in one set spot (maybe it would be marked on the miny map?) and would move when it was used....


What if the portals were little stone mountains (just tryna stick to the "nature" theme)


That's because when you're maxed out it's boring unless you battle other players. Sometimes players have knight/hunter builds where they have to keep battling to get resources. The portal idea sounds interesting, but I think with the castle update beginners should have a safe zone to hide. Also it gets easier to run away from someone after some of your minions die.