Grant Mitchell 3 years ago updated by fuzzy_logic 8 months ago 2

To make battles more interesting, there could be stances for you army. For example, you could have a defencive stance where your minions would take less damage but wouldn't move, and a charge stance where your minions will charge toward your totem, doing more damage and moving fast, but turning much slower. Also it would be nice if, when you do into a stance, your minions will aline in a way that is best for combat, (melee minions in the front, archers in the back). I also think it would be good if minions took more damage if they are hit from behind or the side, so then flanking could be usfull. It might be kinda hard on mobile tho... 

bump...because i am bad

The thing about the formation would actually not help since they would target the sword and melee minions first anyway, but it would look cool so I'm in XD.