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Musicians that can boost stats of units

Ethan (Pesticide) 3 years ago updated by merc23 3 years ago 6

You don't even have to make the sound effects! Just make notes come out of them once you click them and they start playing. Also add an icon to the units being boosted. Drums could boost up attack stats, Trumpets could boost the speed, Violins could boost the block chance, and Flutes could boost the health.

I would definitely prefer a lute, harp, lyre, or other string instrument over a violin. It'd make more sense for the environment.

Also, a simple horn over a brass trumpet.

And perhaps a more ancient looking pan flute over a metal flute.

Yea that fits in way more.

I just didn't know any examples of instruments because I'm not much of an expert of instruments.


This is very good and original idea. Thumb up for you :)

Under review

I will think about it - I had a bard class in the early version but I wasn't sure how to fit him into the gameplay. Then I thought that the objective of the game will be collecting musicians that dance around the campfire but that was even more awkward. Nevertheless, I am really up to putting some instruments into the game.

you can theoricly make a musician unit and then leave it there with 2 others with the flag skill on the camp fire

Lol seems like this will eventually turn into a capoeira dance fighter game.