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Keep the game as it is, however make it so that you can purchase upgrades that stay with you forever.  Like ability to start the game with an extra person or make your guys move faster and deal more damage.  This way people will want to keep progressing through the game instead of becoming bored when they reach the max in game upgrade.  There should be ways to upgrade tools and weapons as well.  Make different types of green places like a desert or forest.  Also make classes.  Hunter-gets 2 meat from each rabbit.  Swordsman-starts with 1 swordsman and all swordmen attack 10% faster.  These are all just some ideas but overall this is an AMAZING game. Please continue updating.



god of war that gives you 1 swordman on start

god of hunt

maybe god of harvest that starts with 1 scythe?

yeah maybe

or have god of sword already has swords unlocked and god of harvest has scythe unlocked and has a chance to get two recources from grass

Also please make a way to be able to get upgrades that stay with you even when you are not playing.  This might give veteran players more of an edge against less experienced players but it will also encouraged players to play more often.

I have been playing the game a lot and I found that when you tell your guys to stay at an area, when there is six of them they move of the area and just run around.  They dont go where your god is but still attack and collect items.

Here are some classes that I have thought of.

God of war- starts with 2 swordsman and 1 axe man.  All swordsmen attack 15% faster

God of Peace- Starts with 1 axe, 1 bow and 1 hammer.  Barbarians do not attack them but gets slightly less recouces.

God of harvest- Starts with 1 axe and 2 scythe.  Has a 50% chance to get double drops from grass

God of fortune- Starts with 2 hammers and 1 axe.  Has a 50% chance to get 1 more gold from mining.

God of craftiness- Starts with 1 rogue, 1 axe and 1 bow.  Moves 10% faster and has a 20% chance to do double damage but also has 25% less health

If you make different biomes you could have elemental gods that get buffs when within them.

Also rogue needs a serious buff.