mushrooms do not want to be eaten

kanguror 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 8

i cant pick some of the mushrooms

does it mean they dont like me? :'(

(srsly i cant pick some mushrooms. thats iritating i just see food and i cant eat it)

This happens to me all the time. :/

it happens with rocks and trees as well, but it seems to happen to mushrooms more. 

Yeah, they are sometimes unpickable. Also, hunting, mining, cutting, and fighting are also applied to this bug. My theory for this is a a a visual glitch or something else?

To fight, both centers of both tribes have to be close to eachother. Same with looting dead bodies but you need to be where the center was during death and area to stand can be small if victim died far from it or off screen.

Mushrooms are useless right now...

ur right its only 1/5 of my food when it should be 1/3

(so they DO have a use)