add pigs and cows who give more food

Keops Muñoz Navarro 3 years ago updated by connor 1 year ago 4

pig are faster but give 2 food and cows are slower but give 3 food that make the game so cool

Aaand too easy.


if it were balanced so that some rabbits were replaced with cows, and the cows had to be milked by a new job, say a farmer, and that would only generate 1 food with a cooldown period, and the cows once tamed follow your totem, that might be something the game really needs, a food supply that you could take with you.

I like this idea.Also:Wolves that could attack them would be nice too.And it would also be nice if we could hunt/shoot the birds that come out of trees that we cut down.Would make for a great source of food too.