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BETA - Basic-ish Guides and Tips

Ruby Rose 5 years ago updated by MadPanCake (PanNiedzwiadek) 5 years ago 15

Well, with the beta of Wanderers.io out, I would want to share some info and tips onto the game (Note: Some elements of the game may be subject to change, or wrong)



I would not explain some elements of the game, as most of it is easy to figure out..

So far, you can't change the "class" of your people, so choose wisely in a strategic manner. Also, you can only have a total of 6 people in your tribe (Correct me if I'm wrong). 

Axe (Lumberjacks) - An extremely important "class" in the game, as they are used to cut down trees and gain wood. You should have at least 1 or more in your tribe.

Bow (Archers) - An extremely important "class" in the game just like the lumberjacks, they are used to hunt and provide supportive fire. You should have at least 1-2 in your tribe. They are unable to use shields (Correct me if I'm wrong)

Hammer (Miners) - A great "class" and a must have. They mine stones to collect gold. Gold is used to buy supplies, or buy equipment. They are able to fight. You should have at most 1 in your tribe.

Scythe (Farmers) - A "class" that are able to cut grass to obtain stuff (Luck Based). Unlocking the scythe enables you to unlock farming, which is great for getting food by cutting grass. Getting the scythe also unlocks mycology, which makes all mushrooms edible. You should have at most 1 in your tribe. 

Sword (Footmen) - An extremely important "class" in the game. They have faster attack speed, so they are great in defending or attacking other tribes. You should have at least 1-3 in your tribe.

Mushrooms are one of the important elements in this game, considering that one mushroom can ruin your whole game (Unless you have mycology)

Grey spotted mushrooms don't do anything so far:

Brown cap mushrooms hurt a tribe member for -1 hp:

Green mushrooms don't do anything so far:

Grey short mushrooms hurt a tribe member for -1 hp:

Blue mushrooms don't do anything so far:

Brown pointy mushrooms don't do anything so far:

Spotted red cap mushrooms are obviously bad and hurt for -1 hp:

Bright orange mushrooms don't do anything so far:

Orange mushrooms hurt a tribe member for -1 hp:

Grey red-stemmed mushrooms don't do anything so far:

The negative affects on the mushrooms can be neutralized by getting mycology

Note: Things are subject to change

Please correct me if some things are wrong, and please share other info down if I missed some (IMPORTANT THINGS ONLY)

Info recorded on: Tokyo, Japan 9:20 pm, December 19 (GMT +9)

Bug/s (Or not): Tribe members randomly straying away, messed up aggro?, game freezes once in a while (e.g. Me taking screenshots)

Under review

Mushrooms that are edible give you +1 food

Oh, thanks! I haven't noticed that until now...I was probably tired after being slaughtered multiple times just to look for all possible mushrooms...

thanks for the information and guide.

No prob, look out for some possible bugs you might encounter.

This is a very nice BETA or beginners guide!


,-, Thanks! I had a feeling that it was too early for a guide since it was just BETA, but I wanted just a small little guide for people to know what they are doing once they start the game.



so thats what those grass guys do


Welcome in Mushroms Wikipedia. BETA - Basic-ish Mushroms Eating Tips

You got me right there lmao.


does anyone know what the yellow dot on the map represents? i think it could be AI but i may be wrong

Player with same skin as you.

The small yellow dots on map are chests, they spawn near poor meadows to support weak players with 1 food, 1 wood and 1 experience point (or how its called :P)

Ruby, I have added wiki page about mushrooms: http://wanderersiogame.wikia.com/wiki/Mushrooms

I hope you don't mind that I used your images :) ps. I have credited you at the very bottom of the page.

AWw guys. The wiki I was editing was wrong. The actual one is: http://wanderersio.wikia.com/wiki/Wanderers.io_Wiki


That's the wrong wiki... the situation is kinda weird right now, I don't know why we have so many different versions of the same wiki...
The actual one is here http://wanderersio.wikia.com/wiki/Wanderers.io_Wiki