State Of Suggestions

Consigliere 4 years ago updated by S Joshi 4 years ago 1

this topic should be pinned and used to track progress of sugestions

so these are rules

check if your sugestion has already been commented if not comment the suggestion

only the admin may reply to your comment with current state of it

heres the list i will be updating so you dont have to scroll -it contains the name of suggestion(link to it)

and what is the latest news of it

lets see how well it goes

Somehow, if at all, there should be some sort of system where people keep track of suggestions already made in a catalog, consisting of types (bugs, ideas, questions) and then subtypes (there'll be a lot of subtypes!), and since there are many subtypes, someone who can utilize a search prompt can then find the suggestion. Or also, a way for people to search for suggestion while making a title for one at the same time. For example, trying to make my title of my post "Add magician and healer" might bring up a post about a similar topic found in the description or title page of another post, which reduces duplication hopefully. Third option is to make large posts where people post stuff that belongs into the category given on the title page. For example, a title page that says "Post ideas about new weapons here" will allow comments to go into such a thread, reducing the amount of stuff you have to scroll through hopefully.