Barbarian bugs

sanojian 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 3
  1. If you choose missionary, you cannot loot anything in barbarian areas.  Even when you win a battle against an enemy team, you can't loot their minions.  You can't even get the ogre loot.
  2. Randomly barbarians join you and that is awesome.  But at one point I had like 10 barbarians following me.  It was crazy fun for me and I took over the whole server, but maybe not that fair to the other players.

Don't know why someone downvoted this. Good job reporting these bugs. Probably Rezoner hasn't addressed them yet because very few people actually choose Missionary.


I see you didn’t read tip about this abillity in game. This is saying „barbarians don’t attack you anymore, but you can’t collect resources in their meadows”. As you can see there is no bug, and this was intentional. Also Barbarians which join you, is not that big problem because they have not the best eq. Faster or slower you are gonna lost them.

I understand that you can't collect resources.  But you can't pick anything at all if it falls near the barbarian territory.  That means you can fight the ogre and he drops his treasure, but you can't pick it up.  Other players could try to give you resources by dropping them, and you couldn't pick those up either.