"Following" barbarians

Maldar 4 years ago updated by Isaac 4 years ago 6

If you fight with a barbarian and at that moment upgraded "missionery", barbarian will not hurt your minions, but he will follow you and pick up your resources.


On the other hand he will probably also fight your enemies. Kinda like mercenary.


Good job reporting this bug. +1.


By the way I've recently seen players exploiting this. There was a dude with maxed out tribe and 5-6 additional barbs following him. He was running around the map slaughtering everyone.

,,[...] Barbarians which join you, is not that big problem because they have not the best eq. Faster or slower you are gonna lost them."


It's good that you reported this. But I feel like it's more of an exploit than an outright bug. People abuse missionary to ally with barbarians and have a huge army.

Edit: How in the hell did you get eight upvotes? You must have some inert skill that I do not know of... looks into the distance

I always thought that them joining you was an intentional mechanic, I managed to recruit 5 barbarians (wandering ones) after helping them in a fight and won a 2v1