things that can be done

Consigliere 4 years ago 0

Ok now i played this for a bit and have the general feel of the game

-resurce system is vary simple and non dependent so while you have teammates and resaurce is confined to meadows you dont realy have to work as a team to secure them becuse unless its a  

trading post you can get same thing widout fighting

:::i have seen some posts witch want to develop the system so u have to go to certain spots if you want to get a resource and than for some evan bulid object to process them (like a mill)

and with it also defensive buldings  to defend it (like walls or evan like balistas to keep your enemy at bay)

and i vary mutch like them becuse it will force you to hold and defend your turf

it can evan be expanded to armories storages and blacksmith shops (witch would solve in my opinion the problem of high level players going rampage by bying a new soldier with all the equipmant as soon as they loose one and keep going)

-combat is not that interactive

basicly  combat is decided before it began becuse player with more men and better equipmant will win-you can determane their setup before the fight but you cant use any active abilitys during it

i would propose that whan 2 armies engage (on command preferably) in the area around them all minion or barbarian movemant should be sloved down and you should be able to move minions at will and teach your soldiers certain tactics witch you can activate(similar to like active shock arow we currently have > to give you an edge also the arsenal should be more diverse instead of 

sword>everything else(this would be extra nice whan thare are more than 2 players engaging(witch with slowed down tame will happen more often) and would also make combat look more pleasing becuse of like 3 players clash currently its clusterduck)

in case combat sugestion is aproved armies could be larger and for base bulding the map should be larger

ALSO important part of medieval strategy were rivers and hills (maybe bridge bulding and some hill related tactics (especialy for CAVLARY AND SIEGE ENGINES))