Request for More Skill [Long Read]

S Joshi 5 years ago 0

Note: to make shorter the read for you, just focus on bold and realize that this post is just about making the game more skill-based. Italics is just emphasis for stuff I say. The rest is just to make the post more interesting to read.

I've recently been playing wanderers.io and I hear it's good! While the tutorial might seem a handful, it gives much detail on how to play, and easy to pick up when read once or twice. But as I started playing it, I realized that although being a tribe and hunting is real fun, I'm also wanting some skill too, so that things can get more intense in terms of competition, battles, and even resource gaining, the three main aspects I'm going to discuss here.

I'm going to put up general suggestions for each of the three aspects (there are more, of course, but they won't be discussed right now) I told above:

1. Competition: Tribes must be able to defend one's own tribe and resources, and compete with other tribes for important stuffs like power, protection, and accessibility to benefits. Develop methods to do this that are different from just outright battling someone to the death (which you can't even do half the time because they are super powerful! T_T)

2. Battles: This is where things get tricky. In the current system, melee fights melee to protect the rangers who pick off enemies, and the one with better battle power wins, and once a battle of equal armies starts, there's little one can do to become unstuck! Allow for tribes to utilize some sort of skillful battling system, if they want to, which is harder to play with but deals more damage. Some minions may not need to be skilled, but if a skill/no-skill mode is allowed, make the skilled damage greater than the unskilled, auto-attacking one. Furthermore, there should be flexible options in battling, and for different purposes.

3.  Resource gaining: Resource normally only belongs in a tidy little bag that sorts out how much of each you have, and killing any minion or animal yields a number of resources. Make resources more applicable to use for strategic purposes. This might include having tools to increase capabilities in storage, or production of essential materials or even in-game technologies. Resources should allow tribes to obtain benefits in both battles and competition, and needs to be more usable directly for those purposes.

Thanks for reading!