Thoughts on Game [Long Read]

Isaac 4 years ago updated by Xerth 4 years ago 2

This is definitely one of my more favourite IO games although after putting quite a lot of hours into it I have some suggestions. 

- More Levels

It is quite disappointing to reach the level cap so quickly, I can understand not allowing players to max out every upgrade but it would be nice if there was higher tiers to the current gear

Sword Upgrades, More Shield Upgrades, More Helmet Upgrades

- Questionable Viability

I think I've put about 10-13 hours into the game and not once have I ever considered using the dagger, it sounds worthless, there needs to be more incentive. (Pen to people with shields possibly?)

Edit : I decided to hop on and try it, I stand by this opinion

- Resources

I think by expanding the resource pool, you can give more potential to Hammers, as it is right now, there isn't much need to get a hammer as it only serves to make your army weaker (trade off isn't worth it compared to hunters and axes) and money comes by easy enough with loot boxes and trading wood for gold. 

This would go well with giving swords etc new tiers, you could have a new material that are gated only by hammers.

- Barbarians

First off I must say, I am in love with the fact barbarians can team up with you if you get a certain ability. Although I am not a fan that it is random, I once got 5 barbarians to team up with me to win a 2v1 and it's a shame I will never be able to replicate that. I recently noticed that right clicking your currency drops it (I literally don't think anyone knows this, no one ever does it).

My proposal would be giving barbarians either 3 meat or 3 gold makes them join your party (as long as you have the missionary ability). The ability in it's own right is powerful already, having to offer something would make it much more under the player's control but also curb the potential abusement of ability (and give validity to late game resources)

- Late Game

Inevitably, we all get here and there isn't much to do but destroy anything red on the map. It's good that you've made it so bigger armies are slower, it helps weaker armies escape.

PvE wise it's the ogre. I think adding more bosses (heck even ones that need multiple armies to take down) would do the late game some justice. The other suggestion goes back to having more levels, thus delaying the late game and in the long run, make abilities such as "getting more X resource from Y" viable. 


(There should defo be an ability to increase the max cap of your army)

- Bugs

I don't know if you're aware of this yet, but if you put a shield on a soldier, you can then equip a bow to them. I am guilty of abusing this (albiet I don't know if it actually keeps the stats but I kick ass so I assume so)

As someone who works on games myself, I look forward to watching the development of this game!

TL;DR : Higher Level Cap, More incentive to use daggers and other underwhelming abilities, More Bosses, Intentional Barbarian recruiting. 


It's a good read! To add to your post, I made a post myself about hoping to make the game have more skill, if needed: https://wanderers.userecho.com/forums/1-general/topics/172-request-for-more-skill-long-read/ This game for sure is, and will be, better than moomoo.io, (another grind-n-fight arcade style game that, as you can see, I don't like :P) so having one block neatly placed on top of another will make the tower and the outreach to players amazing!