Remove Crates

Vezer Tohotom 3 years ago updated by Grant Mitchell 3 years ago 6

Crates are bad from a game design perspective. There should be some tradeoff for choosing the sword. Right now the sword is stricly better than anything else, because you can easily gather enough resources just from crates, without other weapons


You can do that but progression would be difficult.


Crates are balanced. You only get 1 of each resource and they don't spawn often. If your tribe is nothing but swords, chances are you're either fully maxed and getting resources by slaughtering everyone in the server, or you're getting slaughtered because you can't get resources and can't heal.

I have never seen more than 3 crates on the map at any given time

i do think knight is overpowered. resource problem will be gone if you add scythe to 5 knight. it needs to be nerfed. adding speed penalty for each knight recruited will be nice

yun I like the idea, but what does that have to do with crates?