Aragrel 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 8

Is it normal that bandits join to my army and follow my totem?

Did you get missionary or did that just happen?

I had missionary.

Well I find that missionary can sometimes confuse the barbarians to make them follow you. I've found that they behave like my own troops, sometimes to the point of following the totem. I think it's just a bug

It's not a bug. A function of missionary is that barbarians will join up with your group.

Do barbarians that join count towards the pop. limit?

Does it happen often? Because I have tryied getting missionay and just walking up to a bunch of them and I havn't been able to get a barbarian to follow me (one time they even attacked me, even tho I had missionary). 

I think barbraian followers mistery is related to bug. Sometimes they want to kill you and they will chase you until you die or they die but when you pick missionary the cant do a shit to you so you have free warriors. And this happen often but you are probably unlucky.