My list of visual bugs and glitches

MadPanCake (PanNiedzwiadek) 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 0

Hello guys,

I've found few more or less important visual bugs. They should be fixed because some of them are annoying or just occur too often.

I'll update this list, once I find more glitches :) ps.Tomorrow I'll transform it into a nice, good looking list of all glitches found by the community so far. I'll also update it everyday.

Frozen hare glitch

This glitch occurs often. It's a hare stuck in the void. He has no tooltip, so when you move your cursor on him, you get no information. No tooltip is characteristic thing for objects which you can't interact (frozen hares, unminable stone)

Inappropiate hare tooltip bug
As you can see on screenshot down below, when you move the cursor on hare, you get incorrect information. Besides, when you move the cursor on minion, he immediately move away, so existence of minion tooltip makes no sense.

Rocks rooted in windmill glitch

Few hours ago, I noticed rocks ingrown in the windmill. I'm not sure if this glitch occurs often, but I think it's not too hard to fix. Also, you can see that tree is covering this windmill, so it's even more unclear. I think there should be some space between objects ;)

Also, I think crates needs some tooltip.