separate armor from health

kanguror 5 years ago updated by Egzekutor 5 years ago 4

how can eating mushrooms have an effect on my armor? ._.

Very good observation. This gave me interresting idea. Tribe member should have separated health from armor (red coloured stripes is health, and gray armor). Also when you eat bad mushroom you receive dmg which ignore armor. 

Another thing is how we can regenerate armor. In this case when we have two hp bars (for health and armor) if player want regenerate armor, he can do it next to campfire and he spend wood for it. I think it's not bad idea.

or just buy more armor with gold, 5 for 2 hp armor something like that?

So this will be separate from the blocking armor or replace it?


This is simple example how armor can look in hp bar. Your hp will be separated from armour, but during the fight enemy first must destroy your armor for deal dmg to your member. And bad mushrooms is special because this can hurt you ignoring armor. Also another idea is losing equipment when you lost all armor hp points.

 For example: with hat which give you 3 armor points, when enemy deal you this 3 dmg your hat just is destroyed or falling from head.