Make your own discord server

Moms Spaghetti 3 years ago updated by jacques.s 4 months ago 6

Please make your own discord server if you plan to put a link on the actual site, every time something like this happens there is a big power grab and people make half assed servers where the only thing that matters is a moderator rank for themselves. 

To prevent things like this from happening please make your own server, really all a server like this needs is a channel for discussion, and maybe ONE moderator that checks in to ban all the idiots.


The official verified Discord for wanderers.io: https://discord.gg/5EDTgvs .


Called it. Exactly what we don't want


Have you ever thought that Rezoner may not have the time nor interest in making a Discord for the games? I've given Rezoner and Egzekutor full blown access to the chat, they can announce and control the chat as they please. 


or maybe just have him or egzekutor make a 2 channel server, appoint 1 active mod and be done with it?


Got another invite link? This one expired.

ichch kann ihrem Game über Chrome nicht Beitreten.