List of bugs/errors

Moms Spaghetti 3 years ago updated by Matej 1 year ago 11

Heres a list of bugs and ideas:

  1. There doesn't seem to be a world limit
  2. No ground underneath structures
  3. Game tutorial (?) doesn't specify what the pair of socks on the top of the screen is
  4. A little bit confusing how you can't return an item to its slot
  5. Bowmen are super underpowered, they sit there while being hacked at by an axe and does 1/3 the dps.
  6. It would be nice if we could see how long it will be until we can make use of an item again
  7. Hide the hitboxes (?) of creatures when its more than a certain distance away
  8. I cannot find the reason for this, but sometimes when a minion dies only its legs remain and it stays running in one spot.
  9. When your entire fleet except 1 minion gets killed off, and you don't have wood, (happens mostly in beginning of the game) you can summon more minions but since you can't get them an axe you are stuck with 3 permanently naked minions.
  10. Totem should always stay in the front, even when placed on structures

Will update later, so few bugs I can see its amazing

Although the item slot and purchase UI is real pretty and minimalist with the tiny squares I feel like it would be much easier to understand if you can have text popups that describe the item the first couple times you hover over it. Maybe also put a number over the health potion level up thing at the bottom so that people will be familiar with how it works?


In bug #2 (Not a bug?) There's no groundwork tiles on the void because it's still in beta. Which is more important are the basic key elements. (Correct me if I'm wrong)

In bug #3 (Not a bug) , there hasn't been a tutorial for wilds.io and wanderers.io so people could probably learn and figure out on their own?...also, that "pair of socks" on the top represent food.

In bug #4 (Not technically a bug?) Yeah, it is confusing, but you can always tap on the surrounding areas to "put it back".

In bug #5 (Not a bug?) Bowmen (Archers) aren't really underpowered. They are important in hunting, and they provide supportive fire in tribe fights...but some would say that they would need a slight buff.

In bug #7: (Not a bug, it's a possible idea)

In bug #9 (Not a bug, could be some possible changes) Yeah, it can be a real pain to have literally nothing at all, so it's basically game over without lumberjacks or archers (hunters)...there could be a change to this.

In bug #10: (Not a bug? Possible Idea)

It says bugs AND ideas at the top... And yeah, I got what the red socks meant.And yes you can but the default mechanic for most games in my experience is that you return it to the slot. The buff they need is a behavioral change where they STAY BACK from all fights. That would be a good buff.


;-; You could have at least put 'bugs/errors/ideas' onto the title. The aggressive range on tribe members with other tribe members is pretty annoying, since they do not know how to stop and run...possible fix.

"Also,that pair of socks on the top represents food"I laughed so hard at this XD!Was the symbol for food different 2 years ago?Because it doesn't look like a pair of socks anymore to me,that's for sure!

sometimes when I click on a mushroom, the minions do nothing :(

Yeah, thats a bug. Sometimes, the minions don't do anything such as not eating mushrooms, and not cutting trees/mining rocks/hunting rabbits.

Actually only unpickable mushrooms are bug. The rest of actions are working fine, just sometimes minions didnt calculated to do something or stuff like that. You just have to wait or move totem around and it'll work fine :)

I've got another bug for you - When you point your cursor on rabbit, you see incorrect message. Also, this glitch actually makes no sense, cause you can't even point your hand on minions because they automagically move off your cursor.

there is a bug about skill "stay",sometimes it's shows no option to stay. 

last day I meet a Totem only,there is no any unit,and score show 0,but the Totem just follow me that I can't do anything,becuz my units always shows "!" mark on their head.