Floating islands?

San Bonaire 3 years ago updated by THEFERRETY 3 years ago 6
What if the meadows were turned into floating islands and the grey areas were turned into water below.  I suggest that be center be a big island surrounded by islands that get smaller as you get closer to the edge of the map. To get from island to island you could build bridges. The trading posts could already have bridges connecting nearby islands. Maybe instead of changing the whole game this could be a new game mode.  The first time I saw this game I thought that floating islands would be a cool idea.  Anyways heres some concept art comparing the two.

Here's a better version.

Interesting idea. But with normal enemies from the sanbox, like ogres, that will be to easy. Also rabbits must have to be replaced with other, flying creatures like seagulls or crows.

There is my idea for this gamemode: a race to the biggest island on the middle of the map. The players wil start with  30 wood, two lumberjacks and a saw upgrade. One 8-meters long bridge will cost 4/5 wood.

an example of a map:

That would make castle building really hard

Maybe some sort of team deathmatch: There is a clock running, and the server assigns whoever joins to a team. The team score is the sum of the scores of all the players on that team. When the clock stops, whichever team has a higher score wins the round. The meadows would also have to be fairly large to allow for buildings and farming. 

I agree that building would be harder but that's why you have bigger islands in the center. Maybe you could also expand the size of islands with certain upgrades.

Yes, there would have to be a couple big islands, and trees would have to be pretty common. This would be a neat idea for a new game mode though.