BUG/HACK Really bad.

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Some player's totem kept following me around, had no minions, and seemed (only by being nearby) to be preventing me from gathering resources. Could not outrun nor attack them. Was very frustrating. Could be a bug, but this went on for a long time and it looked like the totem was definitely controlled by a person. The whole thing went on for at least ten minutes around 4:10 pm USA Eastern Time, Jan 29. Totem Pictured in screenshot as Tribe 641563. 


This has happened for me to! I have even seen it happen to barbarians...

I think there is a skill point that allows you to make your minions stay in one set place

I think in castle mode (for all know as I only play in that mode) there is an upgrade called “stay” that makes your minion that you use it on stay in one place a guard the nearest meadow 

The stay tool is both in castle and tribes mode.

Yes, the stay tool lets you do that, but not with your last minion.


its either player or someone using hack by creating an ai (player totem) following its target player's name. the totem keep following you and sometimes it keep moving around but it will go back to the point of your position.. cant help.. the game doesnt have ban vote. it is annoying


I am quite sure it is a bot/hack whatever. It has a very generic way of moving, following your movement. Had the same experience for like 15 minutes. Quit the game then. Very frustrating.

I agree. The way I tend to deal with it is running trough other players (both allies and enemies) and thereby trying to make it stick to them instead. This makes it seem like it’s a bot.


How could that be an issue 1 year ago and is still not resolved...

this happend with me too


This is still an issue

When I come into a server, I check for any of these, if there are any, then I leave it and try another server.

but they multiply


Some people told me to build a castle and trap them does that work???