Rogue improvement

DUDU 3 years ago updated by Aragrel 3 years ago 5

Rogue looks like the worst melee in this game by attacking only enemy with 1 HP. Why dont give him a small chance to 1 hit kill to enemy with full HP? 3-5% chance will be nice. 

or maybe like, unit speed? So for every rouge you have it will increase the move speed of your tribe? I donno

I think they should be able to trow their daggers like in wildsio. 1 hit kill is too OP Maybe they could perform a backstab that deals more damage Maybe 2-3?

they are useful because unlike other meele units, they will swarm. What I mean by that is, if I have 6 swords, and I go to fight something, only 1 of my sword guys will fight the single enemy, but if I have 6 rogues and I go to fight 1 guy, then ALL my rogues will attack that one unit. So there kind of a trade off in some ways.

They only attack when the enemy have 1 HP left, another rouge, or hunter

Actually rouge is the strongest class in big battles but you just dont see how much he do. Team with 6 kinghts have no chance vs team 5 knights and 1 rouge. Its because he basically reduce every unit hp by 1 point and fight like a normall worker. His "execution" abilty bypass attack cooldown so he can do amazing kill combo. Also he gives 1 gold so at the end of fight you can see his kill count :3 I love rouge so for me it must have in my teams.