Women have got male voice when taking the wepon.

Zagłoba 5 years ago updated by Moms Spaghetti 5 years ago 10

I mean this "HAHA". 


This post should be removed, without question.


*posting ideas- save them for later we need to take care of bugs

*posting glitch- this should be removed because i want it to

If you want to be a mod that bad stop spamming and make meaningful comments


Why anyone disliked it?


This is not so important right now. We need IMPORTANT stuff that affects gameplay.


It's not an answer for my question.This post  is about a bug - I agree, not important, but it's still a BUG. Rezoner wanted us to report bugs, glitches and etc.


What I meant are more serious bugs and IMPORTANT bugs. Even in wilds.io, if you are a female, throwing your weapon results in a male voice. This doesn’t really have a SERIOUS impact onto gameplay (Unless you are a stereotypical SJW). Props to you for finding that minor bug though.


looks like a minuser was here ._.

well ill just give everyone +1 XD