Its just what Rezoner said

xJoseph Coolx 5 years ago updated by Vigilante Gaming 5 years ago 4
So the "little people" dance and sing to worship I type of god that is picked in the beginning of the game. You can also chose to not have a god. But if you have a god then things can happen to you if you disobey it. Before doing this Rezoner should add a not auto attack option so i can not attack anything if Im playing with friends.

First god is a peaceful god that loves money. This god does not let you kill the little people or anything alive; trees too. The only way to get items is to mine and get coins to buy items from the shops. You can then "dance and sing for your god" in front of a fire and throw coins into that fire to get enchantments 

50 coins : summon the god himself 

       the god has 50 hp but does not attack 

15 coins : get a miner with 6 hp

Now if you do something bad like kill another player you have too

       lose 10 coins per killed 

Thats all I got plz add more gods you can think of or edit the god I made 


Good concept...bad execution ;-;


The game is in beta development, please save all ideas until the game and it's glitches have been fixed.